Angela Azmitia is a visual artist from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her work illustrates a realization that places and objects hold memory long after a moment has passed. Interested in what spaces can communicate about their owner in their absence and ourselves as observers of such spaces, her emotionally charged renderings of abstract or architectural interiors reveal the ways in which we interpret, interact, and relate to the present world around us. She is drawn to the nameless feeling that certain spaces can evoke — to the loneliness, isolation, or residual pain that clings onto a chain-link fence. Through the graphic marks of her hand, she renders the inexpressible fear and decay that haunt these places. Working predominantly in graphite, charcoal, and printmaking, Azmitia draws connections between the deterioration of physical space and the eventual collapse of the human body, acknowledging the melancholy that can quietly seep into our daily lives.

Studio Shot, 2016
Strip Mall, 2017, charcoal on paper
Between Skin, 2016, makeup and graphite on graph paper
Abandoned Belonging, 2017, graphite on paper and photo still
And Everything Collapsed, 2017, graphite and marker on paper with photo stills