Cassandra Davis is a Chicago-based artist. Her work examines the spiritual experience, exploring textile as shroud and sanctuary. Themes of the erotic, spiritual ecstasy and transformation emerge from an interdisciplinary practice that engages photography, video and installation. Her latest body of work arrives at intersections between her photographic discipline and investigation of materiality, as well as intersections between her Pentecostal upbringing and queer identity.

VICTORY, 2017, video stills, 2-channel video installation
Under the Cover of Darkness, 3 hour performance, hand-sewn silk revival tent, 8 dancers
Baptism Portraits: Zora, Lucy, Nuria, Ryan, Archival inkjet prints, 32" x 48" each
God will/will God lead us?, Handwoven Jacquard portraits, letter correspondence with influential Evangelical leaders including Franklin Graham, Pat Roberston and James Dobson
Untitled: Truth, Bathers, Christ Mocked, Augmented reality video installed in the Art Institute of Chicago romantic/impressionist galleries