I make performance, reality television, lecture, and installation to undermine constructs of authority. My work claims that cultural and socio-political ideas function more productively when held in contradiction to one another. I believe that valuing complexity allows one to have agency in a world that attempts to pacify difference. I do this by embodying different personas—denying simplification, which neglects the needs and nuances of diverse individuals.

My practice is rhizomatic, evidenced through the various entities through which I make work. I am half of the collaborative team, Mia+Máire. Our largest project to date is the performance of a television corporation, SoftPantsStudios, which creates SadGirlsClubTV. I perform and write under my full name, Máire Witt O’Neill. Theory and research are recycled between my lecture-performances and SGCtv, creating a circuit. These different voices—producer, tv personality, academic, artist—are mediators of thought. One point of view filters through another, testing its veracity.

Photo documentation from Look Good For You (performance)
Still from SGCtv Season 4, Episode 3 - Georgi Sit-down with Tati and Flip
SGCtv Natural Ice Ad (with Flip)
Still from SGCtv Big Bratz Home Shopping Network Special
Photo documentation from What Am I On To? (performance)
Audio Excerpt from Lecture Performance "Anna Nicole Smith is a Theorist"
SGCtv Big Bratz Home Shopping Network Special
SGCtv Season 4 Trailer
SGCtv Season 4 Episode Playlist
Video Walkthrough of SGCtv show at Goldfinch Gallery