A synapse, a city. A bedroom, an iceberg. A woman, a whale. In representing (re-presenting) the world, I seek a sense of scale, a visceral orientation in the flow of time and expanse of space. The past unfurls, our lives an extension of the people and systems that moved across land before us. The future intrudes, dark and light projections, images arising from historical precedents, data-based predictions, wild fears, and old longings.

I choose pared-down gestures and images – snowfall on a temperate city, a woman undoing a whalebone corset – to evoke larger narratives – climate change, the formation of colonial American life. Working with video, animation, painting, installation, and words, I move among forms whose properties become part of the work’s content; 3D animation to control the elements (glaciers, weather) humans cannot and may never; video for its filmic immediacy; painting for its historical reach and intimacy.

Victorian and the Whale, 2017, HD video and 3D animation with sound
Scaling Quelccaya, 2016, Satellite imagery (film still)
Bedtime Story No. 1, 2015, HD Video (film still)
36 Views of the Sutro Tower (excerpt), 2014 - present, Watercolor
East River Floes on a Gray Day, 2016, Watercolor