Nuria Montiel (b 1982, Mexico City) generates participatory and collaborative spaces that foster encounters to expand our experience and understanding of the world. Urban drifts and traveling across territories are recurrent methodologies in her practice to engage with a place and its communities. For her MFA project, she looked at Oaxaca textiles’ traditions, Anni Albers and the Bauhaus School to trace the influence of Mesoamerican culture in Western Art. Stencils of soil, weavings, typography and codes, body and movement are elements to meditate about possible echoes, resonances, fragmentation and change in knowledge through different cultures in time. Nuria obtained a BFA at Facultad de Artes y Diseño (FAD-UNAM) and continued her studies at Soma in Mexico City. Her most recent work was been presented at Cuarto de Máquinas and Museo Nacional de la Estampa in Mexico City, Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago and Project Row Houses in Houston.

KARANKAWA CARANCAHUA CARANCAGUA KARANKAWAY, 2016, Multimedia installation in collaboration with John Pluecker and Lucas Gorham. soil, sound recording, and charcoal on rice paper, photo by Alex Barber
Repeat but Change, 2017, Soil and wool, photo by Emilio Espinosa (detail of installation)
Repeat but Change, 2017, Mexico, Soil and wool, photo by Emilio Espinosa
Tejido Abierto, 2016, Silkscreen, risograph and offset prints on fabric and paper pasted on the wall, photo by Emilio Espinosa
Wxnder Wxrds, 2014, Chicago, block prints on rice paper