My work demonstrates the power of humor to disarm and explicate the human nature of fear of what we do or do not understand. I am promoting a contemporary feminism that embraces the grotesque and the vulgar, as I feel it is vital for women to negotiate the parameters of obscenity within society. I consider my work to be a mirage as opposed to an illusion, a sight that teeters in and quickly out of the realm of believability. I’m interested in how humor and confusion have the ability to make audiences break into laughter, to take the risk of telling a joke while retaining the potential to speak in universal truths. By mixing unbelievable truth and strange fiction, I create a world of perverted feminist hallucinations.

still from Big Gulp, 2017, HD video
Backdrop 1 (Post Apocalyptic Mall), 2016, acrylic on canvas 12' x 20'
still from Calling You Out, 2017, HD video
still from La-Z-y WoMan, 2017, HD video
Self Defense Class (Excerpt), 2016, HD video
Fivehead (Excerpt), 2016, HD video
Mall Bugs (Excerpt), 2016, HD video