I make architectural fragments of the built world and abstract them to undo the authority of given forms of architecture. They are fragments that stand in for the whole of the building. These abstractions move architecture toward expression usually associated with the body, troubling the boundary between subject and environment. To do this, I exaggerate, enlarge, warp, alter, and abstract recognizable elements like balconies and balustrades to point to other possible configurations of world-parts. I work with the balustrade for its ready-made figurative resemblance and forefront it, imbuing the built world with the threat of agency. If architecture can form my idea of myself just as I decide about the form that architecture takes, what then transpires? In the first case, mimesis, architecture haunted with figurative forms, and forms haunted with language and legend. In the second, an understanding that forms must be contested and reimagined.

Nude Ascending Staircase II, 2016, Turned Poplar
Pied-a-ciel (Balcony III), 2017, Cast Polyurethane Foam
Leg, 2017, Turned Poplar
Pied-a-ciel (Balcony IV), 2017, Carved Polystyrene
Pied-a-ciel (Balcony I), 2016, Carved Polystyrene and Latex Paint