Inspired by the ways that millennials have been caricatured as attention-seeking vampires, I explore the dark side of glamour and its allure to both celebrate and critique popular culture’s myths about itself. Symbols drawn from fashion history are layered and patterned with portraits of friends turned into cartoon monsters and metamorphosed self portraits. I use the process of silkscreening on fabric to make new decorations stacked on each other and allow us always to see the breaks in the veneer and the complexity underneath. My hybrid characters collide with familiar icons like Frankenstein in order to suggest contemporary metaphors for shifting notions of identity. Through the use of screens, shadows, and webs, I want to extend an invitation into this colorful parlour for monsters where glamour rises from the trash can.

Skulls vs. Flowers, 2017, Silkscreen on canvas mounted to board
Glampire, 2018, Color lithograph on Rives BFK, Edition of 2
Sticky Situation, 2017, Dye on cotton with collage
Bag for a Modern Dandy, 2018, Collage on altered shopping bags
Studio installation, December 2017