Becca Thomas is an interdisciplinary artist currently living in Chicago, Illinois. She is pursuing her Master of Fine Arts in Fiber and Material Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work engages conceptual and material investigations with interactive installations. In her installations she utilizes transparent fabric, soft sculptures, light, sound, and video to create a space that embodies an alternate reality. These interactive spaces serve not only as a conduit for experience, but as a setting for performative investigations.

Artist Statement

Dealing with themes such as mental illness, anxiety, dissociation, dreams, trauma, childhood, escape, and perception, my work takes the form of installation with elements of soft sculpture, light, video, and sound to create an immersive world. In this way, my work becomes a space in which I am both the narrator and character, directing and composing scenes, music, and actions, while simultaneously performing the role of my nameless alter ego.

Title: Perpetual Emotion 2018 11 min., 18 sec., loop
Title: Meta TV 2018 6 min., 26 sec., loop