Caroline Jacobson is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Chicago. She received her BA from Loyola University Chicago in 2014 and will receive an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in May of 2019. She had a recent solo exhibition at Woman Made Gallery and has been in group exhibitions at the Club Nutz, Chicago Artist Coalition, Baby Blue Gallery, 062 Gallery, and Congruent Space.

Artist Statement

My practice grapples with the violence exerted by 24/7 media culture on the individual psyche. I have been exploring human-dog hybrids as avatars uniquely suited to our ever-fracturing reality. Bred and molded for permanent innocence and dependency, dogs function both as extensions of their owners’ identities and as trophies used to signify status and wealth. As the mandates of capitalism continue to reshape human behavior, we inevitably begin to grow more like our fetish objects: caught in endless cycles of projection and codependency, never seen as ends in ourselves.

Veronica Paper, tape, wire, celluclay, wig, acrylic. 27in x 12in x 23 in. 2018.
Duchess Paper, tape, wire, plaster, celluclay, acrylic. 10in x 7in x 15in. 2018.
Beefcake Artist’s grandfather’s WWII dog tags, paper, tape, wire, plaster, celluclay, acrylic. 53in x 31in x 32 in. 2019.
Monument I Hydrostone. 10in x 16 in x 8 in. 2019.
Monument II Hydrostone. 15in x 17in x 10 in. 2019.