Born 1990 in El Paso, Texas

Artist Statement

My practice is an exploration of perception through physical perceptual play. Pinging between the semiotic and the perceptual, I use material both literally and as metaphor. Through a playful conflation of different modes of image making—representation, reproduction, reflection, replication—I construct situations in which the viewer is encouraged to question their modes and faculties of perception. By facilitating this perceptual play, my work serves as a sandbox where viewers can explore their confusion and interrogate their assumptions in a consensual space.

(Untitled) Pine, mending plates, hinge, screws, mirror. 2018. 6" x 12" x 12"
(untitled) Googly eyes, double sided mirror, mirror, LED strip, spray paint, poplar. 2019. 13" x 13"
I Wanna Go Pro Home Depot bucket lid, 7-11 ping pong balls, mirror, acrylic, spray paint. 2018. 15" x 15" x 3"
(Untitled) Masonite, latex paint, poplar. 2019. 18” x 18”
(Untitled) MDF, poplar, primer, spray paint, upholstery fabric, hinges, white bread, american cheese, ham. 2018. 54" x 34" x 21"