Itzel Basualdo is an interdisciplinary artist from Miami, Florida. She hated the place for many years, but now misses it terribly because she lives in Chicago. Her work has appeared in The MFA Years, Sinking City Lit Mag, Creative Nonfiction, Saw Palm Magazine, and the documents folder on her laptop. Born to a Mexican mother and Argentinean father, Itzel is currently writing about what her heritage holds in a chapbook titled “La concha de tu madre.”

Artist Statement

My works often emerge as a critical response to representations of my heritage and identity as a half-Mexican, half-Argentinean American; race; gender; hierarchies of power; and I am thinking about the language(s) that transculturation affords. Her practice often involves photography, video, installation, text, sometimes all at the same time. She interested in the absurdity of existence.

El Karaoke de DJ Tony Computadora 2019