Rebecca Denise Tanda (b. 1994) is a Chicago-based artist, and a graduate student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Exhibited regionally and internationally, Rebecca’s work considers space, power and mythology using the mediums of sculpture, animation and printmaking. Recently, Rebecca was an artist in residence at Franconia Sculpture Park, MN. Other seminal achievements include participating in a show at Carroll University, WI in January 2019, the OFF THE WALL film screening at Art + Literature Lab in Madison, WI in 2018 and an exhibition at the Hong Kong Visual Art Center in 2016. Rebecca is the recipient of the Penland School of Crafts Dana Foundation Glass Scholarship in 2019, Ox-Bow Merit Scholarship in 2018 and the Chinese University of Hong Kong Lee Woo Sing College Arts & Culture Grant in 2016.

Artist Statement

I use unconventional treatments of materials to create sculptures and installations that investigate and reinterpret territory, space, place and home. My process generally begins with superimposing forms to find new spatial relationships and coded associations. This can be from maps, passports, archival photographs or architecture using either analog or digital mediums. It is this superimposition, coupled with research that dictates the form and the treatment of my materials. Haphazard suture, incisions and fragile joins amount to a poetic precarity that calls for a reciprocal trust between both the viewer and the forms. I have come to view the work I make as ways to think about resilience and about how to navigate our ever- globalizing world.


Silicone, glass, bronze, steel, tape, 2019, 7 x 5 x 6 inches
Condor Silicone, glass, blown glass, resin, plaster, bronze, 2019, 9 x 9 x 13 inches
poorly drafted lines dismantled, and suspended_2018_3x4x3_glass_resin

cast glass, resin, 2018, 3 x 4 feet
poorly drafted lines dismantled, and suspended_2018_3x4x3_glass_resin_detail_1 poorly drafted lines, dismantled and suspended
But how do you plan to protect those places? Build a scaffold for your desire

plexiglass, steel, tempered glass, resin, silicon, spray paint, 2019, 80 x 64 x 48 inches