2017-              School of the Art Institute of Chicago Art &Tech
2012-2016     China Central Academy Of Fine Arts Digital Media & Graphic Design
2008-2012     Fine Arts School Affiliated to China Central Academy Of Fine Arts
2016-2017     Designer of Moujiti Studio
2013-2015     Designer of Noyau Design
2014-2015     Lecturer of Beijing No.1 Middle School

Artist Statement

Art let me be me. It helps my spirit to be independent. So I know who I am. My projects generally begin with my own story or experience and end with social psychology with common cognition. Recently my work is talking about people’s relationships in the contemporary social world. That not only makes me express my true emotion and also pulled me out of myself, more caring for others, understanding the world. From my perspective, an artist is an expresser who has a subjective understanding of the world. The world needs such people to guide and influence more people to think and improve the aesthetics of self-cultivation.