Rosemary Hall’s kaleidoscopic approach explores time, negentropy, and permutations of nature. Through installation, video, language, and composition her practice evidences time’s invisible force and the inevitable inability to pin something down. Rather than providing answers, her portrayals create provisional propositions to invite a broader spectrum of interpretation. She received her BFA from The University of California, Davis in 2013, where she studied Fine Art and Environmental Horticulture. She is currently pursuing her MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Pending 2018, frass, clay, cement, soil, leaves, glass
Time Keepers 2018, water, metal, scoby, glass
Sporatic Score 2018, ink, paper, sound
The Perfect Flood 2019, acrylic, fuse box
Sporatic Score, 2018
Hill Transformations, 2018