Vanessa Balbach Clarke paints abstractions using a variety of techniques and mixed media on large, unprimed canvases. With a background in design, she continues to examine the limits of landscape incorporating female power dynamics into the figurative/landscape relationship. Her most recent works explore front to back, back to front painting.

Artist Statement

Behind the canvas can be a comfortable space. The implied invisibility created painting from the back, allows an image to emerge and bleed through to appear as an approximation of an intention. Choosing to leave a visible history of mark making as a digestible record, what normally is intended to remain secret is allowed to be visible. The concept of not hiding or concealing anything as the goal. In today’s media driven and partisan world practical, balanced and moderate ideas are often obscured eclipsing historical lessons.

emergence 73 x 66 in, acrylic and dye on unprimed linen
floating 66 x 49 in, acrylic and dye on unprimed linen
lean in 72 x 60 in, acrylic and dye on unprimed linen
abberations 50 x 50 in, acrylic and dye on unprimed canvas