Sera Chen (b. 1991), Taiwanese, lives in Chicago,

mainly Working on video, photography, new media and life.

A maker of disoriented perceptions for a new encounter.

Artist Statement

Mainly working in photography and video installation, and much of my works involve various topics which are dealing with sociological urbanization, ideological epistemology, constructed naturalness and cultural identification. I embody my practice to destabilize a rigid ideology about these subjects and expose post-colonialist images and implications, which have been hidden in our visual culture and formation of ideological cognition within society. I attempt to translate the imperceptibility of certain political phenomena to open a reflective conversation as well as decentralize an authoritative epistemology by a dominant social system and institutional apparatuses. As a Taiwanese artist, I also intend to explore and discover certain constructed cultural knowledge and image produced by Western institutions and museums and how western people perceive the distanced Orient.
The way I constantly explore the capabilities and possibilities of video art is beyond video art’s traditional methodology. Also, employing video installation, I unpack the limitation of the nature of video art to make it own its autonomy and contingency, ontologically. My purpose of art making is not just about seeing and watching but perception, rethinking, and self-reflection.

The Naturalness I, 2017 Two-Channel | Sound | Plants and Artificial Plants
The Naturalness II, 2018 Three-Channel | Sound