visual communication design +/ artist.

Live Audience Kit a fictional product/accessory design that helps individuals having communication successfully.
Fans The word “fan” in Chinese is a homophone for the word meal/rice. Fan culture (as in following celebrities) in China is also unique. Based on that, I extracted the most common types of fans (with different labels people gave them) and made them into "meals." With a recipe book and actual object displayed, as well as a "cooking" demo video, showing general and detailed aspects of the fan culture. The contrast generated an absurd comedic effect and, in a way, reflected the nature and significance of identity and labeling.
Vacuum Magazine “Vacuum is a fashion, style and culture related magazine for cups and bottles. This issue of Vacuum visits one of our most popular subject matter - human hands, the main accessory cups always wear. As a professional editorial magazine, we not only want to draw attention to various fashion wears but also to those who dedicate to hands and see their hands anew. In this fall/winter issue, we decide to discuss a new perspective of seeing things, the notion of the word ‘wearing’. " The work picked up one specific perspective to discuss the idea of "wearing" in a hypothetical cup-ruling society, to see the possibility (or the capacity?) of the word “wear” and the question of whether objects wear us.
Future Communication Accessory design
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