Thursday November 29, 12:00 p.m - 1:30 p.m
Sullivan Galleries

Join us for the third and last event of this reflection cycle which focuses on Latin America’s art practices that have taken form of resistance against past and present social, economic, and political oppression. In this occasion Josh Rios will be in conversation with Sandra de la Loza, a Chicano artists based in L.A. Sandra has collaborated with the Argentinian artist Eduardo Molinari in Where rivers meet: archivistic hidromancy and other phantasms, an art research project around issues of indigenous knowledge, extractivist economies, and speculative housing markets and their impact on displacement.  Where rivers meet: archivistic hidromancy and other phantasms is one of the projects exhibited in Talking to Action, visit the exhibition before the event is suggested.

In South and Central America, artists have often been predecessors of what later in North America or Europe has been marketed as new and innovative forms of art and thought, hardly receiving credit for their highly relevant previous works. In recognition of this history, this discussion series opens space for artists and researchers to discuss their practices in their own terms, and creates an opportunity for the SAIC community to learn from their example.

Coordination: Eva Marxen, faculty in SAIC Department of Art Therapy.

The conversation will be hold via skype with the artist.


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