Brigit Mulholland Hickey (b. 1995, New York, NY) is an American interdisciplinary artist and designer based in Chicago, IL. She is currently a senior at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, pursing a Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) in Visual Communications. Her design process begins by researching and sketching. Brigit’s portfolio contains a collection of various areas of design: print, publication, etc. Her passions derive from her appreciation of architecture, which relates back to her conceptual aesthetic style.

Driven by a conceptual and interdisciplinary approach to problem solving and based on extensive research and strategic thinking, Brigit is familiar with all the stages of design production. She is experienced in developing layouts and designs for print, skilled at using freehand and technological techniques in drafting, and has a background in Typography, Brand Design, Data Visualization, Architecture, Film, and Photography. A driven and dedicated person who has the ability to advance a project from concept through completion, Brigit invites challenge, taking initiative, and aspires to inspire viewers.

Idea Identity Style Guide (8" x 10") Publication, Laser print on cardstock Through my own struggles with double deficit dyslexia, I modified the identity of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) to International Dyslexia Educators Association (IDEA), to foster a better representation and meaning to the organization. This style guide acts not just only as a typographic guide for the organization’s identity, but also a visually represents dyslexia.
Moholy is More (8" x 10") Publication, Laser print on cardstock The objective for this project was to design the cover and several representative spreads of a high-quality artist book profiling the work of Hungarian artist László Moholy-Nagy. Through research and design, the goal was to learn how to analyze and understand the nature of content and information present.
TYPO San Francisco Focus (5.5" × 7.5") Publication, Laser print on cardstock. This conference booklet and brochure is designed for the TYPO San Francisco annual type conference. The theme of the 2017 conference is “focus”, which in the design world could be either good or bad. Focusing too much on one thing leaves no room for ideation or creativity, but without focus, finding a purpose is nearly impossible. The booklet and brochure reflects on concentrating on shifts of focus and bringing together a diverse slate of areas of design.
Powerless (20" x 32") Inkjet print on Enhanced Matte. This poster is a narrative and data visualization work based on the 2003 widespread electricity blackout that effected approximately 50 million Americans. In just 90 seconds, the outage occurred throughout parts of the Northeastern and Midwestern parts of the United States and Ontario in Canada. The goal of this project was to compress the Final Report of the event (over 200 pages worth) into a simple but informative piece through data visualization. Other contributors: Nate Pace.