by Yiqian Peng

It has been a long day.
Hours of work and lots of caffeine.
We are playing,
in a dream of hues.

A cone shaped snooze pillow. Available in Wine Red, Deep Blue, Plumeria Pink, Orange, Sky Blue, and Gray.

Cover fabric: poly swim (poly 83% spandex 17%)
Filling: 100% polyurethane fresh scent memory foam
8” H x 7” Ø / 20.3cm H x 17.8cm Ø

Yiqian Peng

BFA: Designed Objects/Painting and Drawing, 2013

Yiqian Peng was born on New Year’s Eve, which means she is fated to a life perpetually perusing various forms of beauty. Coming from fine art background, Yiqian embeds her artistic sensibility with the ability to discover unnoticed characteristics of ordinary materials found in everyday life. She believes tactile sensation plays a crucial role in bringing intimate comfort to people. Yiqian was raised in Shenzhen, China.