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Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | November 8, 2001

Thursday, November 8, 2001, 6pm

1967-2001, various directors, Canada/Sweden/USA, ca 95 min, 16mm

In association with the exhibition “Mortal” at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Betty Rymer Gallery, the Film Center presents a selection of independent and experimental works that engage the issues of death and dying. The Hangover (1967, Industrial safety film, 10 min.): A 16mm educational film in which alcoholism is connected to a chance accident. Sea Space (1973, William Farley, 8 min.): A confession of manslaughter is divulged in the deep sea. Remains To Be Seen (1989, Phil Solomon, 17 min.): A frenetic display of emulsion manipulation and disparate imagery create a picture of death: too large to be viewed or absorbed. Fossil Fuel (2001, Jacob Brushard, 8 min.): An animated poetic reverie on oil deposits and decomposing prehistoric life. I Had This Dream Last Night (1998, Eleftheria Lialios, 17 min.): Lialios’s film diary is powerful and emotional examination of the death of the filmmaker’s daughter, Elektra, and of Lialios’s attempts to come to terms with her loss through her art. 24 Girls (1998, Eva Brzeski, 16 min.): A film about 24 girls who are growing accustomed to their vaudevillian acts of attention, and one who is no longer there, or perhaps is imagined. The Writer (1989, Paul Driesen, 12 min.): Death haunts the unlikely in this animated film. Time Being (1991, Gunvor Nelson, 7 min.): An eloquent meditation of the edge of this life, the parting of mother and daughter. (Daniel Eisenberg)