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Contemporary Artist – The Videos of Ximena Cuevas

Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | April 18, 2002

Thursday. April 18, 2002, 6pm


Ximena Cuevas in person!

“Ximena Cuevas, Mexico’s video artist extraordinaire: half magician, half mermaid, master of all she surveys.” — B. Ruby Rich

“Mexican video artist Ximena Cuevas is a poet of everyday life, a master of self-portraits and the fairy godmother of a new melodrama. Boldly defying taboo subjects with lightness and a self-conscious sense of humor that is changing the shape of Mexican film and video history, her hyper-layered, exquisitely scored, and intensely personal videos are ferociously surprising and imaginative.” — Sergio de la Mora, Senses of Cinema

Ximena Cuevas will introduce many of her short videos and current work in progress including: Turistas (work in progress) (2002), Staying Alive (2001); Televisión (1983-99); Las Tres Muertes de Lupe (1984); Cuerpos de Papel (1997); Contemporary Artist (1999); El Diablo en la Piel (1997); La Puerta (2000); Cama (1998); A La manera de W. Disney (1992); Almas Gemelas (1983-99); Baba de Perico (1999); Estamos Para Servile (1999); Natural Instincts (1999); Destino (1999); Hawaii (1999); Help (1999); La Tombola (2001); Calzada de Kansas (1999); Colchones Individuales (2002). Co-presented by the Video Data Bank. 1983-2002, Ximena Cuevas, Mexico, ca. 85 min, video.