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Celebrating Stan Brakhage: A Sampler

Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | April 25, 2002

Thursday April 25, 2002, 8pm


We honor a living master of the cinema on the occasion of the publication of the Chicago Review’s current issue devoted to Stan Brakhage. This program is part of a three-evening series in conjunction with programs at Chicago Filmmakers (April 26) and the University of Chicago’s Experimental Film Club (April 27). Tonight’s screening is a mixture of early/late, classic/obscure, photographic/hand-painted works, presented in three movements: (1) Dog Star Man: Prelude (1961), Yggdrasill Whose Roots Are Stars in the Human Mind (1997). (2) Murder Psalm (1981), Visions in Meditation #2 Mesa Verde (1989). (3) Interpolations (1992, 35mm), The Lion and the Zebra Make God’s Raw Jewels (1999) (Daniel Eisenberg). 1961-1999, Stan Brakhage, USA, ca. 93 min, 16mm except as noted.