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Deborah Stratman and Thomas Comerford

Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | December 5, 2002

Thursday, December 5, 2002, 8pm

1994—2002, USA, ca. 70 min, various formats.

Filmmakers in person!

Independent film/video makers Deborah Stratman and Thomas Comerford are both instructors in the SAIC Department of Film, Video and New Media. Stratman will present In Order Not To Be Here (2002), a stunning look at security-obsessed suburbia; Untied (2001), about breaking free from abusive cycles; and Waking (1994), a video in two halves about two states (asleep and awake).  Comerford will present Figures in the Landscape (2002), a pinhole film examining the relationship of the human figure to the suburban landscape of Schaumberg, Illinois; Illa Camera Obscvra (2001), a pinhole film examining the “camera obscura” (dark room) as metaphor for cinema; and Pass Over Land Without Touching It (2001), an unslit 8mm film offering views through windows, from great heights, and across vast distances.