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Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | September 18, 2003

Thursday, September 18, 2003, 8pm

James Duesing, Tender Bodies (2003).
James Duesing, Tender Bodies (2003).

Animator and School of the Art Institute of Chicago professor Chris Sullivan has put together a collection of recent work by animators from Chicago and beyond, leaning toward neurosis, relationship dynamics and attraction to disaster. Wild animals confess their sins in Jim Trainor’s work-in-progress Harmony, here presented with live narration; genetically altered characters hunt and are hunted as curiosities in Jim Deusing’s Tender Bodies; a couple negotiates the attraction and repulsion of intimacy in Meredith Miller’s chilly cutout film The Anatomical Distinction; Sole Traverso Munich’s The Ants begins with a video-game war landscape, then takes us into an interior space whose occupants are unmoved by the events around them; a famous human disaster is seen from a nonhuman perspective in Jean Pascal Princiaux’s The Iceberg Club; Robert Becraft presents a world of beings trapped in indecision, where every act gains gravity the longer it is avoided or anticipated in On Stilt Legs (Jim Trainor). 2002—2003, various directors, ca. 85 min, various formats.