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Hyperfictions: Film and Video Work by Abigail Child

Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | November 13, 2003

Thursday, November 13, 2003, 8pm


Abigail Child in person!

Among the most accomplished filmmakers of the contemporary American avant-garde, Abigail Child has created a body of films and video known as much for their formal rigor as for the challenging subjects she explores.  Deeply committed to the continuing possibilities of the art of cine-montage, Child expands upon those traditions to explore the unique rhythmic energies unleashed in the collision of image and sound fragments.  In a dynamic mix of intellectual and metric montage, Child taps into the frenetic poetry of both actual and virtual worlds, from the public spaces of urban life in the Soviet union in the 20’s and the East Village in the 80’s to the inner spaces of erotic fantasy and gender constructions. The program includes: Shiver (1992); Perils (1986); Covert Action (1984); Mayhem (1987); Mercy (1989); Surface Noise (2000); Dark Dark (2001); Cake + Steak (work in progress) (Jeffrey Skoller). 1984—2003, Abigail Child, USA, ca. 92 min, various formats.