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National Philistine: Videos by Paul Chan

Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | March 18, 2004

Thursday, March 18, 2004, 8pm | Paul Chan in person!

A wry political sensibility informs the work of Paul Chan, a New York-based video and installation artist who returns to Chicago to present three recent works. These include an astonishing new piece shot in Iraq, made while Chan was a member of the Chicago-based, Nobel Peace Prize-nominated group Voices in the Wilderness. A troubled outsider artist joins forces with a socialist philosopher to create an unlikely utopia in Happiness (Finally) After 35,000 Years of Civilization – After Harvey Darger and Charles Fourier (2000-2003). In its parade of mustachioed men, Now Let Us Praise American Leftists (2000) uses wanted-poster computer technology to foreground the exclusionary nature of American leftist politics. The fruits of a month-long study trip to Iraq immediately before the 2003 US invasion, BAGHDAD IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER –PART I (2004) is an ambient video essay of life in that city on the eve of war (Video Data Bank). 2000—2004, Paul Chan, USA, ca. 74 min, video.