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Recent Work by Nancy Andrews: Monkeys and Lumps & The Dreamless Sleep

Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | April 15, 2004

Thursday, April 15, 2004, 8pm


Nancy Andrews in person!

A tender fascination with the world informs the puppet animations of Nancy Andrews, who appears tonight with the first two films of a projected trilogy. Wryly old-fashioned in style, her black-and-white films mix invented characters with historical personages as they poke around in dim corners of science and natural history. In Monkeys and Lumps (2003), Andrews introduces Ima Plume, Public Illustrator, whose animated chalk talk veers from Jane Goodall to the paranormal. Chimps in space, the facial expressions of monkeys and people, and mysterious “globsters” on the beach captivate Ima’s audience, and ourselves.  In The Dreamless Sleep (2004), Plume returns to revive some forgotten heroines: medieval mystic Christine the Astonishing and artist Else Bosselman, who drew deep-sea creatures as glimpsed from a bathysphere (Jim Trainor). 2003—2004, Nancy Andrews, USA, ca. 68 min, 16mm.