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Puppet Animations by Lisa Barcy

Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | May 6, 2004

Thursday, May 6, 2004, 8:15pm


Lisa Barcy in person!

Escape is at the center of Lisa Barcy’s dark, if playful, animations. Always looking for the closest exit, her neurotic protagonists – paper cutouts, 3-D puppets, or lumps of moving clay – are prone to leaping without looking first, inviting disaster into their dreamlike worlds. Like a nature documentary from Mars, The Ordovicians (2004) fills the screen with weirdly twitching objects. In the romance-novel inspired Woman Without a Past (2003), the artist’s alter ego is harassed by the single piece of paper she most wants to discard. The Guilt Trip (2003) is a stop-motion road movie starring Jesus and Mary Magdalene, with the Pope in hot pursuit. A dazzling combination of live-action video, Bunraku puppets and animated silhouettes, Mermaid (2004) stretches absurdity to its tragicomic limit, as a marriage of marine biologists is threatened by an eerily fetching giant squid (Jim Trainor). 2003—2004, Lisa Barcy, USA, ca. 70 min, various formats.