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Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | March 31, 2005

Thursday, March 31, 2005, 8pm | Jim Duesing in person!

James Duesing, Tender Bodies (2003).
James Duesing, Tender Bodies (2003).

Computer animator and video artist James Duesing’s work has been exhibited around the world in venues as diverse as Sundance, PBS, The Berlin Video Festival, MTV, Shanghai Animation Festival, Film Forum and the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art. Tonight he shares a program of work including: Impetigo (1983), a story of passion and possession in a steamy nocturnal landscape; a painful look at modern realities, Tugging the Worm (1987); the apocalyptic Maxwell’s Demon (1990); Law of (1996), which takes place in a lush garden where lovers meet and an addictive interactive theater called Big Ghost; and Tender Bodies (2003), a sinister yet humorous story that imagines a time when genetic experiments become an elite hobby. A discussion with the artist will follow the screening (KJ Mohr). 1983-2003, Jim Duesing, USA, ca. 60 min, various formats.