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Films of Timoleon Wilkins

Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | November 17, 2005

Thursday, November 17, 2005, 6pm | Timoleon Wilkins in person!

In the words of critic Brecht Andersch, “Timoleon Wilkins has fashioned a mytho-poetic vision of his own resolutely in the American grain. His stunning Kodachrome imagery, redolent of home-movies, educational films, the specter of Hollywood arcane Americana, frames a world of memory and experience.” Wilkins remains faithful to a classicist avant-garde film practice, influenced greatly by Brakhage, Anger, Conner, Baillie, Schofill, and his beloved Will Hindle. This retrospective of the last decade of Wilkins’ work includes the Chicago premiere of his latest film, Los Caudales (2005); the gorgeously saturated and nostalgic Blue Sun Western (1995); the somber, farcical and stunning MM (1996); the unslit regular-8 critique of gay culture, Gay Pride4 (1995); Starry Skies of Absolution (2003); and Lake of the Spirits (1998, 7 min.), which Brakhage called, “The most successful metaphoric envisionment of the desert that I’ve seen in many years.” In the words of Nathaniel Dorsky, “Timoleon is not only in love with film, but is the love of film” (KJ Mohr). 1995-2005, Timoleon Wilkins, USA/Mexico, ca. 62 min, 16mm.