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The Time We Killed

Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | April 20, 2006

Thursday, April 20, 2006, 6pm


Jennifer Reeves in person!

Set in the unhinged months that stretched from 9-11 to the invasion of Iraq, Jennifer Reeves’ award-winning feature debut achieves a quiet power through rough-edged, handcrafted means. Best known as an accomplished abstract filmmaker, Reeves wrings bitter truth, confused paranoia, and impotent rage from those days, infusing them into the story of an agoraphobic poet, Robyn (real-life poet Lisa Jarnot). Robyn sequesters herself in a small Brooklyn apartment as global events unravel; a day without leaving becomes a week, then blurs into months. But the outside nevertheless intrudes: Bush calls for war on TV, concerned friends leave messages, neighbors’ arguments seep through the walls. Robyn’s verbal and visual stream of consciousness provides an internal narrative in more ways than one, as her observations blend into a lyrical swirl of sunny reverie, muted trauma, and inescapable reality. (Ed Halter, Village Voice). 2005, Jennifer Reeves, USA, 94 min, 16mm.