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A Darkness Swallowed

Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | October 11, 2007

Thursday, October 11, 2007, 6pm


Betzy Bromberg in person!

For twenty years, Betzy Bromberg straddled the worlds of experimental film and Hollywood, where she worked as a special effects supervisor and cameraperson on blockbusters like The Terminator (1984), The Abyss (1989), and Strange Days (1995) while also crafting her own visually striking, politically-charged films. Currently the director of the Film and Video Program at CalArts, Bromberg’s latest project, A Darkness Swallowed, reflects this tightrope in its mastery of form and subject. Six years in the making, the film maps the physical traces of memory through familiar and otherworldly micro-scapes of gnarled roots and ligaments, sinewy tissues and webs, and explosions of light, expressionistic scoring, and sound design. The final result, according to Holly Willis of the LA Times, contains “images that, once seen, will stay with you forever.” 2006, Betzy Bromberg, USA, 78 min, 16mm.