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At the Heart of a Sparrow: Videos by Barry Doupé

Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | October 25, 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007, 6pm


Barry Doupé in person!

The unnervingly seductive videos of Vancouver-based artist and animator Barry Doupé blend painterly skill with the look of early 3D video games in gothic dreamscapes, at once familiar and forever out of reach. Pegged as one of Canada’s rising stars, with screenings across North America and Europe, Doupé is also a member of The Lions, a collaborative drawing group gaining notoriety for their evocative “exquisite corpse” illustrations and watercolors. Tonight’s program features a selection of Doupé’s animation and a glimpse at his latest work-in-progress. In Boy on a Dock Blowing His Nose (2004), opaque figures drift in muggy pools of pastel watercolors; a deer-child is subjected to a series of increasingly cruel tests in At the Heart of a Sparrow (2006); and the Oedipal drama is repeated ad infinitum in Distraught Mother Reunites with Her Children (2005). Co-presented by the Video Data Bank. 2004–06, Barry Doupé, Canada, ca. 70 min, video.