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Outer Ear Festival of Sound: Chris Mann, Danièle Wilmouth, and Morganville

Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | November 8, 2007

Thursday, November 8, 2007, 8:15pm | Chris Mann, Danièle Wilmouth, Trevor Martin, and Kym Olsen in person!

Danièle Wilmouth,  A Heretic's Primer on Love and Exertion (2007). Image courtesy of the artist.
Danièle Wilmouth, A Heretic’s Primer on Love and Exertion (2007). Image courtesy of the artist.

The Outer Ear Festival of Sound and CATE present a special two-part evening of films, videos, and performances that mine the relationships between sound, performance, and cinema. For this program, renowned Australian poet, composer, and performer Chris Mann takes advantage of the Film Center’s surround-sound system in boy, what god could’ve done if only he’d had money, a tour-de-force multi-channel audio performance of intelligence and wit. Mann’s performance is paired with SAIC faculty member Danièle Wilmouth’s film collaboration with the performance duo Morganville (SAIC alumni Kym Olsen and Trevor Martin, also SAIC faculty), A Heretics Primer on Love & Exertion: 29 Incidents of Dual Consequence. Scored by Mark Messing and Split Lip Rayfield, Martin and Olsen slip from monologue to dance, trousers to dresses, and male to female as the camera spins around them. “A restless revelation of what film can be” –Goat Island member Matthew Goulish. The Outer Ear Festival of Sound is the only comprehensive interdisciplinary sonic arts festival in the Midwest.  Co-presented by Experimental Sound Studio and SAIC’s Department of Sound. 2007, Chris Mann and Danièle Wilmouth, Australia/USA, ca. 70 min, various formats.