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Falling Out of Time: New Documentaries from the Former Soviet Europe

Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | April 3, 2008

Thursday, April 3, 6pm | Curators Oona Mosna and Jeremy Rigsby in person!

Igor Strembitsky, Wayfarers (2005). Image courtesy of the artist.
Igor Strembitsky, Wayfarers (2005). Image courtesy of the artist.

Once the home of state-sponsored social realism, the former Soviet Europe has given rise to a new breed of documentary, revising its realist tradition with the observational ambiguities and formal rigor more familiar to experimental cinema. Often produced at historic documentary studios, these films focus on the once-valorized “common man”—the industrial and rural working class—now abandoned in the region’s ongoing economic and cultural transformation. Taken together, they provide a portrait of an area “returning to Europe” and a people “falling out of time.” Curated by Oona Mosna and Jeremy Rigsby, directors of Windsor’s annual film and video art festival, Media City, the program includes Igor Strembitsky’s 2005 Cannes-winning Ukrainian film Wayfarers; acclaimed Russian director Sergei Loznitsa’s haunting Halt (2000); Victor Asliuk’s The Mine (2004, Belarus); and Oksana Buraja’s Mother (2001, Lithuania), among others. Multiple formats. 2000–2007, various directors, various countries, ca. 90 min, various formats.


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