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Thursday, October 30, 6pm | Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt in person!

Semiconductor, Magnetic Movie (2007). Image courtesy of the artists.
Semiconductor, Magnetic Movie (2007). Image courtesy of the artists.

UK artist-duo Semiconductor’s stunning digital animations render our physical world in a constant state of flux. Since 1999, Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt have used digital technologies to create what The Wire calls “experimental meta-science fiction” to meditate on the hidden processes around us—sound waves, magnetic fields, tectonic plates, and micro-environments. The pair began their career in the UK electronic music scene, and their work has continued to straddle science, music, and high art, with music videos for Múm and Dat Politics, installations at the Hirshhorn and the Venice Biennale, and a residency at NASA’s Space Sciences Laboratory. Tonight’s program surveys their career, including the giddily gorgeous glitch of A-Z of Noise (1999) and 200 Nanowebbers (2005), the elegant urbanscapes of The Sound of Microclimates (2004), and an astonishing trip into the data archives of solar astronomy in Brilliant Noise (2006). Also featured are Magnetic Movie (2007), Do You Think Science…(2006), All the Time in the World (2005), Green Grass of Tunnel (2002), and Retropolis (1999). 1999—2007, Semiconductor, UK, multiple formats, ca 60 min.

Semiconductor was founded by UK artists Ruth Jarman and Joseph Gerhardt in 1997. Their work has been exhibited extensively, from Tate Britain and the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) London to the San Francisco Film Festival, MUTEK Montreal and the Venice Biennale.

 Recent fellowships and residencies have supported site-specific work, including research and experimentation at the NASA’s Space Sciences Laboratory UC Berkeley, California.


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