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October 17 – Ghost Anthology: A History of Argentine Experimental Film

Posted by | Raven Munsell | Posted on | October 11, 2013

Thursday, October 17, 6pm Curator Pablo Marín in person!

Still from Espectro (Sergio Subero, 2010). Courtesy of the artist.

Still from Espectro (Sergio Subero, 2010). Courtesy of the artist.

Organized by Buenos Aires-based filmmaker and curator Pablo Marín, Ghost Anthology charts an eye-opening course through the last 40 years of Argentina’s rugged experimental film history, showcasing a collection of films rarely exhibited in the US. The movement exploded in the 1970s, just as the country came under the control of a military dictatorship. Forced underground, artists experimented with small, consumer-grade film cameras and developed informal collectives to produce collaborative, deeply personal, and formally dazzling works. Included here are films by such pivotal makers as Narcisa Hirsch, Horacio Vallereggio, Jorge Honik, Gabriel Romano, and Claudio Caldini, as well as contemporary artists Sergio Subero, and Pablo Mazzolo, among others.

1976–2013, Argentina, Super-8mm, 75 min + discussion

PABLO MARÍN (1982, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a filmmaker, curator, and scholar. His works have been featured at the London, Oberhausen, and Rotterdam Film Festivals; Austrian Film Museum, Vienna; Anthology Film Archives, New York; and Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley; among others. He has presented programs of Argentine films throughout Europe and curated the DVD Dialéctica en suspenso: Argentine Experimental Film and Video, published by Antennae Collection. He writes about the history of Argentine experimental film on his website, La Región Central. He lives and works in Buenos Aires.


Testamento y vida interior (Narcisa Hirsch, 1977, Argentina, Super-8mm, Sound, 18 min.)

Espectro (Sergio Subero, 2010, Argentina, Super-8mm, Sound, 9 min.)

Untitled (Gabriel Romano, 1982, Argentina, Super-8mm, Silent, 2 min.)

Gamelan (Claudio Caldini, 1981, Argentina, Super-8mm, Sound, 12 min.)

Triste, triste (Horacio Vallereggio, 1976, Argentina, Super-8mm, Sound, 4 min.)

Passacaglia y fuga (Jorge Honik & Laura Abel, 1976, Argentina, Super-8mm, Sound, 18 min.)

El Quilpo sueña cataratas (Pablo Mazzolo, 2012, Argentina, Super-8mm, Sound, 11 min.)