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October 24 – Brett Kashmere: From Deep

Posted by | Raven Munsell | Posted on | October 18, 2013

Thursday, October 24, 6p.m. | Special preview screeningBrett Kashmere in person!

Still from From Deep (Brett Kashmere, 2013). Courtesy of the artist.

Still from From Deep (Brett Kashmere, 2013). Courtesy of the artist.

Pittsburgh-based artist Brett Kashmere presents a special preview of From Deep, which looks at basketball and its profound role in American life—as an everyday street game played by millions around the country; a force in fashion, music, and mass media; and a platform for thornier issues of race and class. Drawing his imagery from neighborhood pick-up games, contemporary films, music videos, and spectacular sports footage, Kashmere charts a history of the game over the last century, including its rapid cultural rise in the 1980s, with the global branding of Michael Jordan; basketball’s connection with hip hop culture; and its growing fan culture, which laid the groundwork for the sport’s significance today.

2013, USA, HD Video, 85 min + discussion

BRETT KASHMERE (b. 1977, White City, Saskatchewan Canada) is a filmmaker, curator, and writer. His experimental documentaries explore history, popular culture, and collective identities and have screened at festivals, microcinemas, cinematheques, and galleries around the world. His curatorial projects include the touring expanded cinema installation and DVD-format catalog, Industry: Recent Works by Richard Kerr and the touring retrospective Arthur Lipsett: About Time, which traveled to venues in France, Belgium, England, and Canada. Kashmere is also the founding editor and publisher of INCITE Journal of Experimental Media and his writing on film has appeared in The Canadian Journal of Film Studies and Millennium Film Journal, among many others. He is co-editing a book on Arthur Lipsett titled Strange Codes.