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Special Preview: John Smith interviewed for Video Data Bank

Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | November 11, 2014

A special preview of John Smith’s interview for Video Data Bank’s (VDB) ever growing On Art and Artists Collection, due for release late Spring 2015. In this interview excerpt Smith discusses, with VDB’s director Abina Manning, his film Shepherd’s Delight a film largely concerned with how context determines the reading of information.

The Jarman Award winning artist presented his work at three different institutions during his time in Chicago. A collaboration between Conversations at the Edge, Video Data Bank, Northwestern University’s Department of Art Theory and PracticeMary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, and the University of Chicago’s Film Studies Center. In his playful and thought-provoking short films and videos, Smith explores the language of cinema and reflects on the image’s role in politics, war, and the global economy.

Video Data Bank’s On Art and Artists is a unique collection of interviews and portraits of artists, musicians, performers, architects, theorists, and critics, spanning 1974 to the present.  The OAA collection represents four decades of producing and acquiring interviews by the Video Data Bank, and features more than 300 available titles, of which at least half are interviews produced by the Video Data Bank and its co-founders Lyn Blumenthal and Kate Horsfield.  In addition, the collection offers artist interviews produced by external producers and producing organizations—including Artists Television Network,Long Beach Museum of Art, and the University of Colorado—and experimental documentaries and portraits, many of them produced by other artists.