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Apr 9 – Daniel Sousa: Feral and other Animations

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Thursday, April 9th | Daniel Sousa in person!

Daniel Sousa, film still from Feral, 2012. Courtesy of the artist

Daniel Sousa, film still from Feral, 2012. Courtesy of the artist

The lush, painterly films of Cape Verde–born, Providence-based animator Daniel Sousa employ puppets, collage, and hand-drawn characters in tales of memory, perception, and the struggle between the intellect, unconscious, and unknown. A young boy raised in the wild attempts to make his way in civilized society, a man and woman are doomed to repeatedly and passionately destroy each other, and a young minotaur struggles to understand those who are not like him. The Academy Award–nominated director presents a selection of his works and discusses the events and artists that have inspired him. Presented in collaboration with SAIC’s Visiting Artists Program.

1999–2014, USA, multiple formats, ca 60 min + discussion

Daniel Sousa (1974) was born in Cape Verde and raised in Portugal. He was a founding member of Handcranked Film Projects, a group of New England filmmakers actively engaged in the production of independent experimental films. His films, which include the 2014 Academy Award–nominated Feral (2012), The Windmill (2007), Fable (2005), and Minotaur (1999) have been screened around the world at the Sundance Film Festival, Ottawa International Film Festival, Annecy International Animated Film Festival, and the Hiroshima International Animation Festival. In addition to his independent projects, Sousa has worked as a director and animator with Cartoon Network, Olive Jar Studios, Global Mechanic, and DUCK.

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