. Conversations at the Edge (CATE)

On Anda Korsts…

SAIC printmedia graduate student Amanda Sukenic takes the time to describe Anda Korsts as a feminist visionary who, along with many others, shaped the alternative media landscape of the USA on both a local and national level. Please join us this Thursday October 30th for a special survey of Korsts’s prolific career presented in collaboration […]

Oct 30 – Anda Korsts’s Video Metropolis

Thursday, October 30th | Followed by a roundtable with documentary filmmaker Judy Hoffman, Media Burn Archive Founder Tom Weinberg, and Executive Director Sara Chapman In the 1970s, Chicago journalist and artist Anda Korsts helped pioneer video as a radical tool for art and activism. A key figure in the guerrilla television movement, she worked on a series […]

On Jennifer Reeder…

I’m delighted to publish SAIC graduate student Cassie Carpenter’s short text on why she, as a woman who traces her roots to the Midwest, is so excited to see Jennifer Reeder’s work at Conversation at the Edge (CATE) this week. Regional identity has always been somewhat of a challenge for me. I was born in […]

September 25 – Jennifer Reeder: A Million Miles Away

Thursday, September 25 | Jennifer Reeder in person! Jennifer Reeder’s pop-noir films explore women’s experiences in breakups, breakdowns, and new beginnings. The award-winning Chicago artist presents four recent shorts and a preview of her latest project, Blood Below the Skin. A Million Miles Away (2014) listens in on the bedroom conversations of teenage girls as they forge bonds over absent […]

Interview with Tirtza Even

Could you tell us a little bit about the piece you’ll be screening for Conversations at the Edge this fall? Natural Life is a project I began working on in the winter of 2011, a few months after I arrived to Chicago. The piece focuses on the stories of five individuals who were sentenced to life […]


Thursday, November 11, 6 p.m. | Kevin Jerome Everson in person! Over the past thirteen years, Kevin Jerome Everson has crafted an exquisite—and prodigious—body of work on the working-class culture of African-Americans and people of African descent.  Combining documentary and fiction, Everson’s nearly 70 shorts and four features center on everyday tasks and gestures to […]


Thursday, February 4, 6pm | Thomas Comerford in person! Still from “The Indian Boundary Line,” 2010. Courtesy the Artist. Over the last eight years, local musician and filmmaker Thomas Comerford has been at work on a series of quietly-observed films that contemplate the entwined social, political, and environmental histories of Chicago (Figures in the Landscape, […]


Thursday, December 10, 6pm | Ben Russell in person! Ben Russell, Let Each One Go Where He May (2009). Image courtesy of the artist. Fresh from its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, Chicago-based filmmaker and SAIC alumnus Ben Russell’s stunning feature debut is an epic road movie that draws from documentary and […]

Through the Looking Glass: Videos by Cecelia Condit

Thursday, February 12, 2009, 6pm | Cecelia Condit in person! Cecelia Condit, Annie Lloyd (2008). Image courtesy of the artist. Since the early 1980s, Cecelia Condit has garnered acclaim for her sweetly gruesome stories of menaced and menacing women. Cultural critic Laura Kipnis calls Condit, “the most serious practitioner of the grotesque in video art” […]

Sight & Sound: Flingco Sound System

Thursday, February 5, 6pm | Special live performance! Artists in person! Lisa Slodki & Haptic, The Medium (2007). Image courtesy of the artists. Flingco Sound System releases “textures in the shape of sound.”–Dublab Since its 2007 launch, Chicago’s Flingco Sound System label has played host to a slate of musicians who work collaboratively with visual […]

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