Nayeon Kim’s work brings playful objects and users together in spontaneous moments of interaction. Kim compels viewers into states of curiosity using her unique sensibilities concerning material and color. Growing up in Korea, but currently based in the US, Kim values cultural diversity and attempts to integrate it through poetic storytelling. Recently, she launched a furniture piece as part of a collaboration with CB2 based on small space living and and exhibited a light at Salone del Mobile in Milan. She received her BFA in Spatial Design from Hongik University in Seoul.


There are many ways to store and recall our memories, but memories are intangible. You cannot touch them, you cannot hold them, but what if you could? As a designer I communicate through material experiments and Dossier is a new way of depicting and communicating memories.

Dossier is a table made of reconfigurable tiles that are the result of diverse material explorations. The units consist of modular pieces, cylindrical forms, flat surfaces, and curved shapes, each piece depicting both a past material exploration and my memories associated with that project. The table as a whole  becomes a narrative of the different designs I have explored in the past 2 years while living in Chicago. These memories can then be examined and reconfigured by users. As they do not share my personal experiences, my memory tiles can become a tactile way for them to create and share new memories.