Born and brought up in Bahrain, Shruti Menon has been a part of the ever expanding Indian diaspora.

She obtained her undergraduate degree from University of Pune and worked for a year in Bahrain at Emaar consultants.There she found herself involved in projects that were directed to the betterment of the civic society. Currently, at SAIC, she has had the opportunity to be involved in projects which deal with human experience. Besides her interest in architecture, Shruti is also a trained indian classical dancer.

Rethinking the Geriatric Scene in Mumbai

“A residential complex for the elderly that ensures physical autonomy along with social relations and observation.”

The increase in old age homes, hostels and in the numbers of elderly living alone are a startling new phenomena in India. This is a trend that has been born from the extensive overseas migration and the transnational dispersion of families. As a result, the elderly seem to receive much less care from the new generation than what they invest in their personal progress, prosperity and success. When architecture is used to provide services for the elderly keeping in mind culture and both physical and psychological health, a community based geriatric center takes shape. A residential complex, which consciously differs from the stereotypical nursing home model that exists in India helps counteract the predominant sense of isolation with amenities and traditional values. Built on a site with nearby beach access, the project enables the users to have access not only to the beach but also provides them an opportunity to keep pace with their surroundings.