Growing up nomadically, Sana relates to many cultures, while she belongs wholly to none. She has lived in many countries, but calls no one home. Her art confronts the experience of existing on both sides of ethnic and cultural divides. She seeks to explore a nomadic state of mind, investigating and creating her own ‘cultures’ and ‘landscapes.’ In the midst of disorienting liminality, or being at the threshold of different worlds, she conveys new stories of the complexities of cultural identity.


Title: What Makes An American


Collection Inspiration   |   Artist Statement

My grandmother lives in the liminal space between Chinese history and American lifestyle. This collection began as a celebration of her quirks, minute-made rice, green Jello, and trips to Chinatown. It challenges notions of what makes an “authentic” race, culture and nationality, if only as a state of mind. As handmade histories, these garments embrace the idiosyncrasies that make modern American cultural and racial identities unique. I perceive fashion as the creation of collage and sculpture in relation to the body. Fiber processes including printing, dying, knitting and felting, make the creation of garments intimate and call attention to the journey that is the process of making. I am interested in the handmade and the imperfect.

Designer Sana Aloui | Photo Marc Moran | Stephany Lee, Independent Model

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