Zirou Zhang

I enjoy working with my hands: sewing, making my own fabrics, and patching them together to make them whole again. I’m attracted to textiles, so I make my own fabrics by knitting, weaving, and dyeing. I love combining textures and observing how they interact on the body. I use cheerful colors to create objects and garments that are playful and sentimental in how they are assembled and how a viewer or wearer interprets them.
I believe a little piece of fabric can tell a story. I hope people are fascinated by my work, wonder how each textile is made, and enjoy the fun and harmony of the different textures I blend together. My thesis work, inspired by the natural beauty of butterflies, features various fiber techniques to create lusciously colored textile designs using fabric scraps sewn to mimic microscopic scaled surfaces to woven magnifications of the wing’s detail.