Eryka Dellenbach is a dancer, performer and filmmaker from Chicago. Her cinematic narratives move from the standpoint of a biophysical subjectivity and fall within the territories of new sensory cinema and dance film. She designs lush & complex aural environments to house her sensorial pieces. Eryka’s work is guided by a consideration of personal ‘thresholds’ as being at once both a location of consciousness and the realm of malleability in corporeal limitations. Recurrent in the path of this quest are measurements in desire, violence, intimacy and vulnerability. Primarily drawn to dances of resistance, she has studied and worked with local and international flamenco, capoeira, butoh and experimental artists. She graduated from UIC in 2013 with a BA in Cultural Anthropology. She has presented work at the Chicago Cultural Center, Links Hall, Defibrillator, Intuit Outsider Art Museum, Constellation, High Concept Labs, and abroad in Germany, Italy and Russia.