Rohan Patrick McDonald is an artist living and working in Chicago, IL. He currently explores ideas that question the boundaries between fine art and design within printmaking and animation. More Specifically, McDonald uses the unpredictable DIY aspects of Risograph printing to experiment with comics, book making, and self-publishing. In Animation, McDonald has experience with creating storyboards and animatics, 2D cel animation, motion graphics, and stop motion.



Still from "The Designers," April 2018, 2D Hand-Drawn Animation
"The Kitchen," Page 1, March 2018, Digital Illustration
South Side Weekly Comics Issue Cover, June 2017, Pencil, Ink, Digital Illustration
Fnewsmagazine Styleframe 1, March 2018, 2D Hand-Drawn Animation
Fnewsmagazine Styleframe 2, March 2018, 2D Hand-Drawn Animation
Demo Reel 2017, December 2017, 2D Hand Drawn and Mixed Media Animation