Olivia is an animator, illustrator, and graphic designer, focusing on visual effects and visual communication. As a graduate student from SAIC in 2018, she is working towards being an artist who commits oneself to create qualified works satisfying my interest in both traditional cultures and new media techniques. She is planning to learn computer art in New York and will provide more interesting works structured with better ideas and techniques in the future.

Artist Statement

I am eager to become a proactive and capable animator, able to make works which mix motion graphics with visual effects. I was taught in SAIC how to develop unique concepts, as well as making publicly acceptable works using highly productive techniques. I am now mainly focusing on 3D animation and have already completed some works and will keep learning more knowledge in the field of computer art.

What If I Died 2018, 2D animation, Photoshop
On/Off the bed 2018, 3D animation, Maya
The pinky dream 2019, illustration, digital art
Portfolio reel 2018